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Professional music instruction for all instruments, all styles of music and all learning levels   from children to adults, beginning, intermediate, advanced and professional musicians alike!


Before you can achieve your goal of playing your favorite music on your instrument and playing with a band or orchestra, you must commit yourself to practicing daily to learn the basics of music and your instrument.  At Shapley Music Academy we will provide you with a knowledge of the basics of music and your instrument which will lead to your ultimate success.

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Come and visit the NEW studio location at 555 Lester Road  Fayetteville, GA 30215

Having a love and  appreciation for music, the willingness to practice and receive an education in the basic fundamentals of music are the key ingredients to becoming a successful player. At Shapley Music Academywe promise to provide a positive structured learning environment that will develop your musical talents more than you ever dreamed.

Studio Location: 555 Lester Road  Fayetteville, GA 30215   Call or text: (770) 361-9405     Email:john@shapleymusic.com

Reviews & References:

"John Shapley is a dedicated and caring music instructor who works to improve a students ability in a comprehensive and detailed fashion. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their skills as a musician."

Melissa DiBattista May 22, 2014 call/text (412) 760-3000 for a personal reference from Melissa

"Mr. Shapley is a well respected and dedicated instructor. My daughter has been taking piano lessons for three months and she is already reading music and playing songs on the piano. She loves it! He is very dedicated and passionate about music. His students have been selected as finalists for the Georgia All-State Band festival and performed at the state level for many years prior to us coming to his studio. I am so happy we found Shapley Music Academy and look forward to our daughter's continued success!"

Joanset Artiles 2014 call/text (954) 638-9624 for a personal reference from Joanset

"John Shapley sparked my love for music at a young age, and for the last 15 years, I have been grateful to him for his wisdom and support. I am a professional musician today because of his influence in my life. I highly recommend John Shapley for any of your musical needs."

Nicole (Iduate) Heirs  July 23,2014